Mystery Men EP(1986)

Legendary 12´´ EP, released, by Nervous back in 1986. Non of the four tracks was issued on an regular album release, but the EP is available together with the Psyclops Carnival re-release CD now. Track list: Mystery Men--Rock Strong--Conscription Plan--Red Red Death.

Psyclops Carnival(1986)

This is classic British Psychobilly from the mid 80´s. It was the first of four Torment albums, that all were issued on Nervous Records. Simon Brand offered a new level of songwriting with lyrics expressing personal worries and interests.. The album is also available on CD including the Mystery Men EP. Highlights: Death Trail, Uncle Sam, Rockjet, Psyclops Carnival and Pass It On.

Three´ s A Crowd(1987)

"Three´s A Crowd" was the second straight successful release for Torment. Though this album never appeared on CD, most of the songs can be found on "The Best Of Torment" one. Real catchy songs, "Torment"-styled and produced by Frenzy´s Steve Whitehouse. Among the highlights is a fast live version of  Ricochets´ I´m A Loser. Other highlights are Torment, Missing You, Out Of My Head and Rules For Fools.

Round The World(1989)

"Round The World" was the third Torment album and I´m very sorry, that it  isn´t already available on CD. Fantastic mix of different music styles( Swing, Psycho, RnR and Rockabilly) plus great lyrics make this album a highlight of the late 80´s.They even tried an a capella of 20 Flight Rock  and a Gothic track called "Hideaway". Other highlights: Psycho, Love To Drink, Sail Away and Catch 22.


This is Torment´s  final album before the untimely death of Simon Brand in 1994. Originally issued in 1990, it brings some new, more Pop orientated sound , without losing its Psychobilly roots. The re-release on CD includes two previously unissued songs. Highlights: Worse And Worse, Hypnosis, Washed Out and Psyclone Joe.