Frantic Flintstones






The Frantic Flintstones were among the second wave of British Psychobilly bands,  formed by Gavin " Chuck " Harvey (v) and ex-Coffin Nails/ Meteors drummer Toby Griffin in 1985/86.They added Clive Howling (b) and a guy called Rick (g). In early 1987 Toby and Rick left the band and were replaced with Neil " Nodger " Smith (g) and Monkey Gunning (d). During that year the Flintstones toured regularly through the UK, Gary Day (b) joined the band, Chuck Harvey suffered a heart attack, and the band also released their debut EP "Bedrock " on Raucous,    followed by two albums the next year. " A Nightmare On Nervous "  was released in March 1988 and reached # 12 in the Independent Album Chart. Jonny Pug (g) also replaced Nodger in 1988 and Chuck Harvey signed a record deal with Link, which has also offered him a position as scout and A&R man-they even created a subsidiary label called " Chuck Flintstone presents..."- . After a stop in a prison cell and some more record releases, Chuck Harvey hired Alan Wilson- who would later join the FF as guitarist too- as studio engineer in 1992. Their first session produced "Jamboree" and the two have continued songwriting and recording sessions ever since then .

With the success of their vinyl releases, the Frantic Flintstones became one of the top names on the European Psychobilly movement and retained their reputation as one of the most spectacular and creative bands since then.  

Although the Flintstones suffered dozens of lineup changes, they never completely disappeared. Their blend of  sex & drugs & Rock...  ...abilly is the trademark of Chuck Harvey. They covered dozens of Traditionals, Country and Rockabilly tunes and recorded even more of their own stuff.

A solid live act too, the Frantic Flintstones have always had the reputation as crowd pullers and completed lots of Psychobilly alldayers and festivals. They also highlighted more than a handful of compilation albums like the "Psycho Attack Over Europe" or " Psycho Tendencies".  


Singles: Bedrock (1987)--Old Black Joe(1989) --Rockin’ With The Frantic Flintstones(1991)-- Honey I’m Home (1995)

Albums: A Nightmare On Nervous (1988)--Rockin’ out (1988)--Not Christmas Album (1989)--Yabbadabbadoo (1989)--The Nightmare Continues (1989)--Live & Rockin’ (1989)--Schlachthof Boogie Woogie (1990)--Well Gone In Europe(1990)--Best Of Frantic Flintstones(1991)--Cuttin’ A Fine Line (1991)--Flash & Fantasy(1991)--Ravin’ With The Lunatics (1993)-- Jamboree(1993)--Take A Hike(1993)--Enjoy Yourself(1994)--The X-Ray Sessions (1994)--Speed Kills(1998)--Rock It Boy(2000)--Too Sweet To Die (2001) --Billy Overdose(2002)--The EP Collection(2003)--Champagne 4 All(2003)